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' Type' is an expression that we would use for the body shape of the horse, so when you hear people saying 'that's a typey horse' that means it's a nice, compact size for a polo pony (with a round bum, a reasonably short neck, but athletic, with a good long set of legs on).Say 'that's typey, that's one well put together mare'.

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Each bumper issue is crammed with a variety pack of true stories, your favourite features, money-saving tips, laughs, health ideas, great looks, budget beauty, food ideas to put a smile on your face and 12 puzzles. It's definitely not like dressing up for the races, but polo is still quite smart if you're a man.""The basic score system is that when two teams are the same handicap it starts at 0-0.But if one team's aggregate handicap is more, you obviously have to start the teams on different scores.What you see in the higher levels of polo is that one player will physically block another who is trying to get to the goal with the ball.That leaves the one who's left with the ball to run around his team.' Chotto' is Argentine slang for dick, but it's commonly used in polo to mean a shit polo player.

If you're behaving badly and acting recklessly, rather than just playing poorly, they'll probably call you a 'boludo' - which basically mean you have big balls and are therfore a bit stupid.

"Aside from the swearing, don't make noises before a player's hitting a penalty - the player needs the horse to be as settled as possible.

But when a goal goes through you can go mental." "A good technical thing to comment on is blocking.

I'd wait until they were walking to the presentation to approach them, because the team tents are quite a hostile environment, especially after they've had a loss.

"Never ask if 'it's like croquet on a horse' - this is very annoying - and avoid trying to imitate a polo swing in front of a polo player. Don't ask the players stupid questions, just ask them about themselves - they've all got quite big egos.

As Britain's annual royal charity match approaches, pro polo player Charlie Wood gives his tips on how to blend in with the polo elite: what to wear, what Spanish swearwords to use, and how to impress your date.